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Here you can find help if you experience any difficulties during your visit to the Dental Health Summit.


I have collected the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the summit here. If something should not work properly or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to send an email to our support team. I will get back to you within a day.


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Frequently Asked Questions

and their answers

What can I do if the videos won’t play? +

In order to be able to watch the expert videos without any disruptions, one of the following browsers needs to be used. Please also ensure you are using the most recent version:



Internet Explorer Update:





If a browser does not work despite being up to date, please try using a different one.

Videos keep buffering or take too long to load +

The videos are available in HD and SD resolution. Should you wish to watch the videos on your mobile phone or tablet, please use the SD version. We ensured premium quality when recording these videos. Please also check your high-speed data volume when you want to watch the videos.

Furthermore, your media player might not be up to date. Here you can download the most recent Flash-Player:

Adobe Flash-Player:

To ensure an uninterrupted video playback, make sure to close all programs that might be running in the background, such as updates, opened browser windows, graphic programs, etc.

The audio is hard to hear +

If you can’t hear anything, check your volume settings in the bottom right toolbar or in your system settings. Please also reload your browser window.

I can’t register, what to do now? +

We have done all we can to make the registration process as easy as possible for you, and countless people have already signed up successfully. However, should you not be able to register, please go through the following steps:

Firstly, please reload your browser window, or use a different browser (as mentioned above). In particular, make sure to update your mobile phone and browsers – depending on the internet speed, some elements might take longer to load. Please also deactivate your anti-virus programs when signing up – as this can prevent registration in many cases. When registering from a mobile phone, make sure you have a sufficient amount of data volume available. Please also ensure that you have a strong enough internet connection.

Please keep in mind that despite having a WIFI connection (specifically on mobile devices) you won’t always have a sufficient connection, so a registration on certain devices might not work. Please check these connection problems directly with your mobile phone provider. You might also be in an area with limited network coverage.

If all this doesn’t work, please use a different email address. (potentially on a different device). As per the GDPR, we are unable to manually add you to the guest list, as we need your explicit consent via the registration box (Double Opt-In).


What happens with my email address? +

Your data is safe with us! UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we pass on your data from my email provider (Getresponse) to third parties. I like to communicate with my attendees as closely as possible – email is still the most efficient tool. Should you no longer wish to be part of my “list”, you can unsubscribe at any time with just one click.