Welcome to the Dental Health Summit Affiliate Programm

Earn a fair 50% of each sold package

I’m super excited and thrilled to present you with the Dental Health Summit’s exclusive congress package! It includes all you need to gain long-lasting dental health - the concentrated knowledge of our experts to help you positively change your life.

I invite you to be part of my success and I’d be very happy if you would help me to promote the summit.

The best part: you will get a full 50% commission on the price of the individual congress packages. Thank you so much in advance for your contribution.

How many Euros you will get

50% of the net revenue, i.e. minus the country-specific VAT and the payment provider commission for buyers from Germany. The gross price of 88.00 € is made up of:

  • VAT: 19%: 14.95 Euro
  • Digistore Commision: 7,95 Euro
  • Summit Organizers Share: 33,00 Euro
  • Your Share: 33,00 Euro

How it works

  • You simply use your affiliate link to inform your contacts, friends and family about the summit via email, Facebook, promo banners etc.
  • That’s it!
  • If one of your contacts then buys the congress package via your link, you will automatically receive 50% commission.

The technical Side is simple

  • If one of your contacts clicks on your link and purchases a congress package within the next six months, it will be automatically recognized by the payment system which will then credit your commission.
  • After clicking on your affiliate link, a recognition-cookie is automatically saved in your contact’s browser. If that contact then buys a congress package, the payment system will recognize that the customer came through you (thanks to this cookie).
  • The partnerships for the congress package are set to “automatically accepted” at Digistore24, so that purchases of the congress package are automatically offset.

Registering for our Affiliate Programm

The provider and contract partner of our partner program is Digistore24.com.

Only the relevant conditions of Digistore24 apply – No contract is made with the summit organizer.

Du you already have an Digistore 24 Account?

If jes,

simply enter your user name (your Digistore-ID) in the field below

you will then instantly see your personal affiliate link in the field underneath


If No:

simply click on the “REGISTER NOW” link and create a Digistore24 account. It only takes a few minutes.

please don’t forget to enter your bank details on Digistore, otherwise you won’t receive your commission.




Ideally, you should inform your contacts as soon as possible (via email, newsletter, blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) about this unique event.

We also recommend an additional reminder on the day of the summit start, so that as many of your contacts as possible can watch the videos.

Even during the summit it makes sense to share your partner-link, to animate your contacts to watch the free videos (maybe before a certain interview, which could be particularly interesting for your contacts).

People often develop the interest to purchase a package after watching several videos.

Even if your contacts only purchase a congress package AFTER the summit (within 6 months), you will still receive your 50% commission from Digistore24.


You can also use Facebook to advertise with your affiliate link.

However, please ensure to remove the automatic preview image that is created when entering your partner link on Facebook. Otherwise, this preview image links directly to the summit page. If someone clicks only on the preview image, the system won’t recognize that the contact came through you!

In addition, you can shorten your affiliate link with a so called “URL-shortener” such as bit.ly or goo.gl – (the shortening only takes 2 seconds).

In summary:

Post your partner link with a short description text (see below) on Facebook

Delete the preview picture

Insert the promo banner (see below) as an individual picture


Of course, I’m providing you with ready-to-go texts and pictures, including banners and graphics for your emails, homepage, your social media posts etc. Everything can be easily downloaded (see below).

Download Promo Material


If you have any further questions about the affiliate program or if you need any help at all, simply send us an email.