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Dr. Dirk Schreckenbach

My first book - An overview about the holistic dentistry:

"There is a whole person attached to every tooth"

Reducing emotional stress by pointing out the connected tooth or

teeth which is involved in this challenge became one of my favorite query.

My second book: "Dental whispering, The teeth - mirror image of your soul"

Julia Reindl und Reinhard Burits

New Book coming soon in 2021

Jaw Yoga Training App

Dorte Bredgaard

In this course you will learn what causes dental problems. You will get knowledge and opportunity to transform the discomfort of having dental problems. You will also let go of anxiety if you are unaware of your teeth condition causes. You will have the best opportunity to convert bad teeth into good teeth and acquire the necessary knowledge that will help you in the future.

Leslie van Oostenbrugge

Nadine Artemis

Dr. Michael Montaud

Andreas Goldemann

Saskia Wolf

Benita Cantieni

Special offer for all Participants of the Dental Health Summit

CANTIENICA Introduction Course  50 $ off.

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Carola Sarassin