Fabrizio Sintucci

In 2013 Eptamed introduced the Equilibriodonzia (Balancer), an innovative orthodontic method that strives for a functional balance of the mouth - in a natural, non-invasive way. Eptamed's exclusive technology enabled the patenting of a functional product for human well-being called Balancer. Eptamed Balancer, a multifunctional activator, is an essential partner for odontologists in repositioning teeth and guiding dental arches into a harmonious state, with not only aesthetic benefits but also functional advantages for the body as a whole.

Our technologies are designed to promote patient health: Chewing and swallowing, nasal breathing, facial harmony, reduction of joint pain, postural and psycho-physiological harmony are our main goals. The body is a set of elements that must perform the right tasks in a harmonious way; if the mouth, muscles, chewing and breathing function naturally, the bones and teeth will grow correctly. For this reason, Eptamed's technology is aimed at everyone regardless of age, so that everyone can have a healthy and harmonious future.


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