Dr. Dirk Schreckenbach

Since I was 8 years old I wanted to become a dentist - but a special dentist.

I studied dentistry and medicine at the university of Saarbrücken on the first hand to become a  mouth and maxillofacial surgeon. From one of my teachers at one of my holistic courses I heard the sentence:

"There is a whole person attached to every tooth".

This sentence stick in me like a thorn in my finger and so after finishing my studies at the university I learned a lot of holistic and biological content. It allows me to become a well known holistic and biological dentist nin Germany and Europe who I have been since 37 years. Can you imagine the fear most of the people have going to the dentist?  So to minimize that fear and take care of the teeth of other people to reduce their fear became the most important mission for me. I am a naturopath as well and to see and experience how many different areas of our body are connected with our teeth is one of my big missions as well. To test and see if a root canal filled tooth - for example - is the cause for another health challenge is what drives me daily.

To see and get the gratitude of my clients is one of the most appreciative goods for my entire work.


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My first book - An overview about the holistic dentistry:

"There is a whole person attached to every tooth"

Reducing emotional stress by pointing out the connected tooth or

teeth which is involved in this challenge became one of my favorite query.

My second book: "Dental whispering, The teeth - mirror image of your soul"