Andreas Goldemann


An Intuitive (Intuitive) perceives disharmonies or imbalances on a physical as well as emotional level in individuals or groups and then gives appropriate impulses to initiate a positive change.

Andreas Goldemann has been working as an Intuitive for over 20 years in this field of work and is now primarily dedicated to working with groups.

His areas of expertise are:

the release of negative, stored emotions

the energetic spine straightening

the revival of the main chi / life force

the energetic, spiritual upliftment of the individual.

The uniqueness of his work lies in intuitively initiating deep changes through voice/singing (ancient celtic, druidic soul language), movement and reflection.

Andreas has managed to convey the unique effect of his work also via video and thus independent of space and time, thus making his ability available to a wider audience. The advantage for each individual is that he/she can watch the video at any time and anywhere in the world and experience the same effects as if he/she were in a live group on location.

At the same time, the simplicity of his/her work is a special feature. The participant does not need to actively participate. He/she only needs the conscious presence in the body and openness for change to experience the effects.

As of February 2020, Andreas Goldemann has reached over 100,000 people in 24 countries through his lectures, seminars and individual work.

Since 2015 he is back in Germany. In 2016 he started to make his work available in digitalized form through live webinars and online courses. The test was very successful. Hundreds of participants (also many professionals in the field of coaching, medicine, therapy etc.) are more than enthusiastic.

Andreas Goldemann currently lives in the Augsburg area. In his spare time he is active in artistic and handicraft activities. He creates and builds furniture and motorcycles.


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